Expedition Supply Vessel Concept revealed by Rosetti Superyachts

Rosetti Superyachts Unveils Details Of Its 85m Expedition Supply Vessel Concept

The 85-metre Expedition Supply Vessel is a collaboration between Rosetti Superyachts and Rolls-Royce Marine.

Following the announcement that Rosetti Superyachts SpA will start building large custom yachts at San Vitale shipyard in Italy (Ravenna), the new company has released details of its 85m expedition supply vessel concept designed by Tommaso Spadolini.

“This is the most ‘authentic’ yacht I’ve designed in my 40-year career,” says the Italian designer. “A fundamental part of the design process was reviewing the many commercial ships launched by Rosetti to date. These rugged, seaworthy vessels are required to operate around the clock in all weathers, and that same DNA has been integrated into the design of the 85m expedition concept.”

Rosetti Superyachts Unveils Details Of Its 85m Expedition Supply Vessel Concept

“Another key consideration was that the project had to be buildable following design to market and design to service criteria,” says Fulvio Dodich, Chairman of Rosetti Superyachts. “I’ve known Tommaso for over 20 years and we worked together to develop a design that combines his creativity with my knowledge of the needs of the market, while also meeting the technical criteria required by Class for unrestricted navigation.”

In Collaboration with Rolls-Royce Marine

The hull form has been developed by the naval architects at Rolls-Royce Marine in Norway for optimal efficiency and seaworthiness even in heavy weather. Special attention was focused on ensuring ‘dry’ cruising with a narrow entry, distinctive bow flair to reduce sea spray and a high main deck forward that is 12.5m above the waterline.

Rosetti Superyachts further chose Rolls-Royce as the supplier for an integrated solution including engineering and equipment as the engines, power electric system and propulsion units. The initial proposal is for diesel-electric propulsion using four MTU 16V 4000 series engines (MTU is part of the Rolls-Royce Group) as diesel generators combined with Azipull by Rolls-Royce for a maximum speed of approx 20 knots and a cruising speed of approx 15 knots. In addition to low drag and high hydrodynamic efficiency, the azimuthing pulling propellers provide excellent maneuverability, fuel efficiency, course keeping, and low noise and vibration levels. To contain costs, owners can choose between a fully faired hull and superstructure, or a commercial-grade paint finish.

Rosetti Superyachts Unveils Details Of Its 85m Expedition Supply Vessel Concept

The 85m is the largest in the new range of concepts proposed by Rosetti Superyachts designed by Tommaso Spadolini. “I went straight to Tommaso because he has a flexible approach, which is not true of all designers,” says Dodich. “The result is a genuine expedition superyacht that I believe meets the aspirations of the market and the practical requirements of the shipyard.”

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