AMELS and DAMEN busy at the Monaco Yacht Show

Amels at Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show witnesses AMELS and DAMEN introducing new developments in their yacht portfolio.

Originally published by AMELS for INSIDE AMELS Magazine

Beautiful NEW SECRET wows visitors

NEW SECRET is a showcase of the popular 74-metre AMELS 242 and the largest Limited Editions yacht ever displayed at a boat show. While the Tim Heywood exterior design of this private yacht has been spotted in Norway and in the Med since her delivery last spring, the show has provided the first exclusive opportunity to look inside. We can’t share any interior photography, but it’s safe to say that we’re very proud of the AMELS quality and finish. Winch Design have produced an exceptional interior design with show-stopping features.

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What are you hiding up there?

Alongside NEW SECRET, we are hosting GAME CHANGER, DAMEN’s 70-metre Yacht Support vessel. And yes, sitting way up there above the hangar and certified helideck is Leonardo’s AW109GrandNew, a 6-person luxury twin-engine aircraft. When Leonardo’s highly experienced pilots touched down, they commented on the excellent and professional platform. You’ll see what they mean when you go up to the helideck – an impressive 360-degree view of the show.

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New 55-metre SeaXplorer packs a lot of punch

How did the DAMEN SeaXplorer team do it? The latest luxury expedition yacht in the DAMEN SeaXplorer range – the SeaXplorer 55 – features a unique 12-metre tender slipway, certified helideck, 30-day autonomy, Ice Class polar capability and all the luxury spaces for 12 guests are there, too. Quite the design and engineering feat! The team from SeaXplorer are at the show together with operational design partners EYOS, exterior designer AZURE and two scale models of the new design.

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111-metre AMELS Full Custom concept

Jonny Horsfield of H2 Yacht Design and AMELS Design Manager Hans Konings unveiled the 111-metre AMELS Full Custom project ‘POLLUX’ at the AMELS stand. The large volume 4,750 Gross Tonnage design covers seven decks with a carefully developed sophisticated paint scheme. For the project with an H2 Yacht Design, the AMELS Design team has developed a technically feasible platform, foreseen as Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) compliant.

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Opposites attract? LILI AND NEW FRONTIERS

The prime location at the show is T-Central – and right in the heart of the dock is the 55-metre AMELS 180 LILI and the 55-metre DAMEN Yacht Support vessel NEW FRONTIERS. While they share an overall length, the two are unique builds in their own regard.

LILI is a highly customised Limited Editions yacht with 6 staterooms including a Bridge Deck Owners Suite. We are co-exhibiting with the Imperial charter team.

NEW FRONTIERS is a new evolution in the Yacht Support range, a blend of superyacht support functions (225 square-metre deck and powerful crane) with standalone mode (including a Main Deck saloon and accommodation for 6 owner and guests).

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